I distinctly remember laying outside in a seven acre horse pasture, looking up at the clouds with my friend Sarena. I shared with her what things I saw in the clouds, and how my dream in life was to give people who were homeless, homes. At the time I was describing what we now coin “tiny homes”.

I realize that some of my desires may come from my own eternal source of wanting a “nice” home to live in. I have had a first hand in experience in truly wanting to help a mom with her child, but I have failed in providing great insight. I made poor choices in support. I came to the realization that my efforts in the mindset I currently have had, are not working for them.

I started to think about various news articles I read. I am having a hard time sourcing the specific information, but basically it was about how a town ended homelessness by identifying everyone on the street by their name. When teams gathered to help the homeless, they had a name, to go with the issue, to go with the resources that would provide the solution.

I was discussing my homeless moral dilemma I had with my bonus kiddo Kelly. We discussed how upset I was that I had tried to help a friend with a child who were our friends. In the end, I realized I had done nothing, and my attempts to give solutions were also rejected. Kelly shared with me information about this group who has been able to give people homes first, stabilizing them, giving them treatment and working from there. My friend could do this, but I don’t have the resources to do this for her (in my mind or at the time).

Kelly put on the television a show “Adam Ruins Everything” and on that show it discussed the Housing Works California. That is the moment that I realized…Kelly is on to something.

Below is an interesting article related to this new insight!

The surprisingly simple way Utah solved chronic homelessness and saved millions

December 27, 2018 – I baked a turkey. Realizing that all my holiday guests left, I made a few bags of turkey that I intended to give to someone who didn’t get a turkey dinner. On December 29, I was driving McKenna and Arial to BAAY (Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth) for their 11:00 rehearsal of Urine Town. It was pouring rain and I commented I wouldn’t find anyone who needed the food because they would be hiding from the rain. Just then, outside of the Co-op I saw two men around a shopping cart and I pulled over. “Hi!” I waved until one of them came over. I held up one bag which was full of meat and I said, “Would you like this? I just made it.” He said, “Yes,” and I looked at my second bag and said, “Do you want them both?” He said, “Yes my friend would like one.” I realized he was Native American, I realized I wanted to talk to them, I also realized the kids were 15 minutes late for their rehearsal and I drove off. I never got their name.

I woke up on December 30, 2018 realizing I had spent all night thinking about implementing the idea of making a difference in a homeless person’s life by actually knowing their name and working on their problem. I thought about what the website name would be and at the time I thought “I know your name”. When I got up in the morning, I looked up “I know your name” and it was already taken. I looked up, “What’s your name?” Only the .org was available which I thought that was interesting, since if I do this project, it would be a non-profit organization.